Absolute Pitch in Trained Singers

What are the possible benefits of this research?

This is the first known study to investigate how absolute pitch affects singers. It is, therefore, expected to make a significant contribution to knowledge about absolute pitch. This is also one of the few studies to interrogate how absolute pitch affects musicians in real-world situations and differs from most absolute pitch studies by including professional musicians as participants. In addition to contributing to knowledge about absolute pitch, we anticipate that the study’s findings will help singing teachers better understand and teach absolute pitch singers.

If you do take part, you will be offered the opportunity to have your name listed in the acknowledgements section of the PhD researcher's doctoral thesis. This will form a permanent record that you possess absolute pitch and took part in this study. If you choose this option, your data will still be reported anonymously unless you tell us that you want to be referred to by your real name. If you do not want your name mentioned, your participation will be entirely anonymous and confidential.
Financial Information
Participants will need access to a computer with an internet connection. There are no other costs associated with taking part in this research. As this is an unfunded study, no financial incentives are being offered to study participants.